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Works that begin to investigate the parallels between the metaphysical and the political worlds we inhabit, bringing in to focus discourse around authenticity, systems of control, and hierachy.

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Untitled (2017) - *Exhibition view, WUHOUCI art gallery, Chengdu, China – curated by Tingwei Liang, Xuefei Li, Ruidan Huang, Yongling Ye.


Work No.119: Wormhole (2017) – Found object, Obeche frame with Beech mount, 49.5 x 41.3 x 7cm


Since David Cameron has had to postpone his speech on Europe because of the terrible events in Algeria, I propose that he now keeps us waiting just a little longer. He should deliver it on January 29. Then it will be 50 years to the day since General de Gaulle, the president of France, vetoed British entry into the European Economic Community. It would be a fitting moment to mark a new course.

DeGaulle understood Britain better than most of our own leaders. A week earlier in 1963, he had signed the Élysée Treaty, enshrining friendship with France’s former deadly enemy, Germany. He knew that Britain would never engage in the sort of full-hearted partnership that he had just forged. Britain would not fully sacrifice her independence to create a new European political entity.

– by Charles Moore, Telegraph


Work No.118: Threshold, 2017 – Polyurethane. 240 x 420 cm. *Exhibition view, Elthorne Road studios, N19 London.


Whether conscious or otherwise we traverse. This temporal journey is an example of impermanence. Threshold is just that, a point in time, a conscious void, a knowing choice – this work engages with the metaphysics of this process. 

When they approach the threshold of the leap, must show that they are up to the presumptions of life, otherwise they would not find their road to the open and would be like the concentration camp inmate who doesn't dare run against the electrified fence... the demand to escape a life lacking in dignity, humanity, and freedom. 

– Améry, J. (1999) On Suicide: A Discourse on Voluntary Death - Jean Améry. Bloomington, Indiana. Indiana University Press.


Work No.117: Labour In Vein, 2017 – Epoxy resin, polyurethane. 13 x 210 cm. *Exhibition view, Elthorne Road studios, N19 London.


Serving each other, society asks for our implicit attention, yet often fails us in return. Labour In Vein is a casting work that explores spatiality and perspective in direct dialogue with this notion of equity.

An aesthetic dimension that is not reproducible, not fixed, and asks for attentiveness from the viewer.

– Fisher, J. (Unknown) The Work Between Us - Jean Fisher.


Work No.116: Untitled Prototype, 2017 – Video. 1080 x 1920px. *Exhibition view, Elthorne Road studios, N19 London.


Work No.115: Damien's Soliloquy 2017 – Ink on paper, polyurethane. 14.8 x 21 cm. *Exhibition view, Elthorne Road studios, N19 London


Work No.114: Total Auribus Teneo Lupum, 2017 – Mild Steel bar. 164.6 x 83.1 x 39.3cm. *Exhibition view, The Laundry, London Fields, E8 London.